THE North-East has jumped to the top of the list when it comes to how often Brits are working out and taking part in regular exercise routines.

A study has claimed people in the North-East are among the UKs most active with people here working out around three times a week.

On average, Britons worked out between three times a week to just once a month, with 41 percent admitting they'd work out if they had more time. 

A further 62 percent said they'd still consider themselves active and one in nine admitted they exercised to 'benefit' their social media channels.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of those who consider themselves active said they only worked out in the summer and when weather was nicer.

The figures found those in the North-East exercised 13 times more frequently than those in the East of England.

Under current lockdown rules, Brits are permitted to leave the house once per day to undertake one form of exercise.

The rules were recently updated to reflect that people can now drive to the countryside to exercise - but only if the journey is shorter than the time spent exercising.

Where the region ranks among the UK

  1. North East – Three times a week
  2. East Midlands – Three times a week
  3. London – Two times a week
  4. North West – Two times a week
  5. West Midlands – Two times a week
  6. Yorkshire and Humberside – Once a week
  7. South East – Once a week
  8. Northern Ireland – Once a week
  9. Scotland – Once a week
  10. Wales – Once every couple of weeks
  11. South West – Once every couple of weeks
  12. East of England – Once every month

What the experts say:

Bharat Gohil, spokesperson for biofreeze - who conducted the study - said: "We live in an era where other’s judgements of how we look are often deemed more important than how we feel about ourselves, with many feeling pressured to work out just to impress others.

"Adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular forms of exercise and a well-balanced diet will do you more good than it possibly could for anyone else around you.

"Small changes like walking or cycling to work instead of getting the bus is a great way of increasing the amount of exercise you do each day. “

More than 2,300 people took part in the quantitative research earlier this month.