AN historic statue is reminding people not to flout lockdown rules after a face mask mysterious appeared overnight.

Earlier this week, residents in Great Ayton near Stokesley woke to find a face mask had been placed on the village's statue of Captain James Cook as a boy.

Resident, Barbara Saunders of Great Ayton, spotted the mask while she was out shopping on Monday and said it appeared to send a clear message to take rules seriously.

She said: "I walked over to the Co-op and saw it and thought it was brilliant.

"The benches have all been taped off around the green and I think this has emphasised the fact that you are not supposed to hang around there.

"It's sending a message, it's sending it with a little bit of humour. My friends said they think it's great."

Ms Saunders said she believed the image of Captain Cook wearing a face mask would become part of the village's history.

She said: "That's going to go in the history society files. This could be part of future history. People will be looking back at this coronavirus period one day, and this will be there in the village's history."

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