PLANS for the alteration of a church hall into a unique and historical dwelling have been submitted to Darlington Borough Council.

The Church Hall on Glebe Road, Great Stainton, which has been abandoned for quite some time and has fallen into disrepair, is set to be altered into a three bedroom house.

Residents of the village of Great Stainton were asked about the use of the hall, but there was found to be no support for either renovations or increased use of the church hall.

Stockton Country Parish Parochial Church Council came to the decision that the church would be better off sold to further the mission of the church than as a meeting space.

The application also states that while the building is not listed, the impact of the proposed changes would have little impact on the heritage of the building, and would in fact preserve the building’s history rather than letting it fall into disrepair.

The application includes converting the Church Hall into a three bedroom house, including vehicular access, and the construction of a first floor with the inclusion of windows.

As well as this there will be an extension added to the first floor to include a balcony.

The plan is still waiting to be decided on and so the public are able to comment on the application by visiting the council.s website.