YOUNG musicians will continue to hit the high notes after the Easter break with the benefit of new technology.

Children can continue to hone their musical talents when their regular lessons move online during the new school term.

Durham Music Service (DMS) gives weekly group lessons to more than 4,000 primary and secondary school pupils across the county and Darlington.

That is is in addition to whole school sessions, which see 18,000 young musicians practising on a wide range of instruments, from brass and woodwind to ukulele.

Social distancing restrictions prohibit these sessions continuing in schools.

DMS, jointly funded by Durham county and Darlington borough councils, plus the Arts Council England, has been working hard to put technology in place to make online lessons available to all its regular pupils, as well as any new students wishing to get involved.

Video conference style calls will enable children to continue to learn and socialise with their teacher in their usual groups.

A daily video will also be produced for schools educating the children of key workers.