A COUNCILLOR has offered to empty an entire town’s bins after learning over overflowing waste, including dog excrement.

Councillor Nigel Boddy, a Liberal Democrat and representative of North Road ward in Darlington, has volunteered to help empty Darlington’s dog bins during the current crisis as council resources are scaled back.

Cllr Boddy, who once was employed by the council in a similar role, said: ”I heard they didn’t have enough people currently to empty the bins on street corners and so I just thought I’d volunteer to help empty them all.

“I offer this help in genuine spirit. I think I’m in a unique position as a councillor and someone that worked as a parkie in the past, I have training and experience already to help but it depends if the council’s insurance or health and safety will allow it.

“It is not a huge task, I mean there are a lot of bins but it won’t take very long to get around them.” This is just a gesture, we are all in a difficult position. We are tying to help that is all we are there fore. This is just another part of that really.”

Residents across the North-East have been encouraged to take litter and waste home with them as councils focus on essential tasks and adhere to social distancing.