A VET centre will be featured in a new television programme which focuses on the nation’s night workers.

Wear Referrals in Bradbury, County Durham, will make an appearance on the BBC 1 series 'Night Force' on Monday, April 6, at 11.45am.

The veterinary centre has a 24-hour emergency service which operates seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

A television crew joined the centre’s out-of-hours (OOH) team to film them through the night as they handled incoming cases and emergency calls, including an urgent operation on Ruby the Airedale Terrier and emergency care for Shadow, a dog suffering internal bleeding after being hit by a car.

OOH vet Georgina Marshall was on duty during the visit and is set to feature in one of the episodes.

She said: “I love working my night shifts at Wear and I am very passionate about the work we do through the night, so I was excited – and a bit nervous – about showing the amazing stuff we do here."

“The producers were keen to showcase not only the work we do helping pets and their owners, but how we all cope in and out of work with being on the night shift.

“They were interested in how important our service is to local pet owners but also how important it is to us as team, too.

“We had a great time and it was an eye-opener to see how producers and film-makers like this work, and the logistics of filming and producing such programmes.

“It was also very interesting to learn the North-East is the night worker capital of the UK, which is clearly why they had come to the area for filming.

“It should be a fascinating programme and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.”

Hospital manager Darren Stubbs added: “We were delighted to be asked to appear in this programme celebrating night workers and have the opportunity to share with the public the professionalism and care our team show with every patient, every day and night.”

Night Force programme makers Matchlight explained the idea behind the series, saying: “While Britain sleeps, the night force works to give us what we need and want when we wake in the morning.”

They also paid tribute to Wear Referrals, adding: “We were delighted to be able to film with the wonderful staff at Wear and are grateful to them for giving their time to the programme.”

Wear Referrals is part of Linnaeus, which is owned by Mars Petcare.

The centre offers a range of clinical services including neurology, orthopaedics, soft tissue, internal medicine, cardiology, intensive care and diagnostic imaging.

For more information about Wear, visit wear-referrals.co.uk or search for Wear Referrals on Facebook.