THERE will come a time when football matters, when sport takes a firm grip of the nation again.

Now is not that time, it’s a time for unity and support to help us through testing times. It appears the upper echelons of the Beautiful Game is aloof to society.

The Professional Footballers Association has long been criticised by members (footballers) past and present. The man at the top, Gordon Taylor, has been described as the game’s ultimate fat cat.

This week he wrote to his members with the instruction to stand firm against the idea of wage deferrals and pay cuts during a time of national and international crisis.

Premier League football is in danger of eating itself, a world where the rich get ridiculously richer, while the poor get Government handouts.

Clubs lower down the ladder will go out of existence, they are paying people off and putting staff on furlough leave.

The likes of Tottenham and England captain Harry Kane still collects his £200,000 a week at Tottenham. At Newcastle United, Joelinton takes home £80,000 a week, while at the same time office staff on £20,000 a year have been furloughed.

Who needs the money more in the current climate?

It is hoped Mr Taylor and co quickly realise that their world is not the real one right now. If it ever was that is.