A nurse working on a dedicated coronavirus hospital ward in Darlington has had her bike, uniform and other items stolen from her car last night.

The senseless thief or thieves went onto break into nurse Kirsten Coutts’ partner's home after stealing a key fob to the house from her car.

The uniform was not washed and therefore poses the risk of spreading the virus to anyone it comes into contact with.

Kirsten’s partner said: “Her nurse outfit was clearly on display in a plastic bag - owing to contamination issues.”

The bike (pictured) which was new, was left in the car so that Kirsten could use her partner's zwift account - an app for virtual training for running and cycling.

Kirsten, who works in Darlington Hospital, said: “Well I am devastated, it was obvious what I do for a job as you could see my nurses uniform. Regardless of what is going on in the world to do this is really upsetting.

“I just want my stuff back. I help everybody regardless of who or what they are. By doing what they’ve done – they have hurt themselves and other people and put others at risk. I am very thorough on my hygiene because nurses have to be.

“But to be like treated like that – I feel like I’ve been targeted. I think a lot of NHS staff feel like that anyway for one reason or another.

“I just want my things back.”

Police are currently investigating into the incident with Kirtsen's partner saying that other houses in the Neville Road area were also broken into.

Kirsten's partner believes around £3,000 worth of items were stolen from his home and £2,000 worth of items from Kirsten’s car.

He said: “They nicked her bike which cost a fortune and the key fob in her car which gave her access to my home.

“Every nice thing she has, she’s now lost.”

Among the items stolen from the house was a leather jacket, trainers and shoes.

Police are due to visit the couple to investigate.

A go fund me page has now been set up for Kirsten, to donate click here.