A COUPLE stranded in Thailand have been told it could be three months before they can be flown home to the North-East.

Sarah and Steve Taylor went to the dream holiday destination before the Government advised against all foreign travel.

They were due to fly back with Emirates, arriving April 1, but now, most flights from Thailand to Europe are cancelled.

It means they are stuck in an idyllic resort because of the ongoing restrictions to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah, 45, who is from Sunderland and works as an advertising rep in Durham for Newsquest, said: “It is a nightmare.

"We are stuck here.

“We have tried everything, but all of the flights have been stopped.

“The hotel has been really good, but they have found out that Emirates are not flying again until June 28.

“We do not know what we are going to do or how we are going to get home.”

The couple, who booked the £3,000 holiday last year, flew in to Bangkok, before heading to Phuket and are now in Khoa-lak.

Being stuck on holiday might seem like a dream for some but Sarah suffers from medical issues that require monthly treatment.

She is also keen to get home to help look after her two daughters and grandson, who has health problems of his own, as the Covid-19 crisis worsens in the UK.

Sarah said: “I am getting really concerned.

“Hays have been really good at giving us advice, but Emirates have washed their hands of us because we did not book directly through them.

“We can go the shop to buy stuff but we are in a hotel so we have got no cooking facilities so we are getting take out food.

“The restaurants have all closed and we cannot use the pool.

"Things are starting to shut down now.

“Going down the road there are police checking people’s temperatures.

“Things are going to get a hell of a lot worse here.”

Travel and Emirates have been contacted for comment but have not yet responded.

Sarah, and Steve, a printer, now hope the Government can intervene to help bring them home safely.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We recognize British tourists abroad are finding it difficult to return to the UK because of the unprecedented international travel and domestic restrictions that are being introduced around the world, often with very little or no notice.

“The FCO is working around the clock to support British travellers in this situation to allow them to come back to the UK.

“The Government is seeking to keep key transit routes open as long as possible and is in touch with international partners and the airline industry to make this happen.

“Consular staff are supporting those with urgent need while providing travel advice and support to those still abroad.”

The couple’s MP Bridget Phillipson, who represents Sunderland South, said she had been contacted by several constituents abroad who were struggling to get home.

She said: “I know this is a challenging time, and I would encourage any constituents in this position to contact my office, who are doing everything they can to provide information and advice on how to get home safely.”