A TEESSIDE lottery winner is using her lock-down time to join a campaign to knit "twiddlemuffs" for people with dementia.

Cheryl Brudenell, from Stockton, who scooped £1m in 1997 is joining other lottery winners to take part in the effort to help older people during the coronavirus outbreak.

It was started by Yorkshire winner Susan Crossland and the twiddlemuffs –which are designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands and patients living with dementia – will be distributed by Age Concern.

Mrs Brudenell said: "I love knitting and now is the perfect time to do even more knitting during this lock-down and while we are confined to our homes.

“I have focused a lot of my efforts on knitting for premature babies but I am delighted to now be joining Susan in the latest campaign.

“Who knows how many we could get to between us – they are really fun items to knit and it is great as you are knitting to be able to think that the item is going to bring so much joy to the end recipient.

“I heard from other lottery winners about this project and feel now, more than ever, is the time for action and to help others in any way we can.”