TEACHERS are keeping in touch with children and giving families a break from home schooling with their online daily story time.

Greenland Community Primary School, in South Moor, Stanley, has its own YouTube channel and staff are sharing a story at the end of every day as they would have if children were in school.

Kris Armstrong, the school’s deputy headteacher, said: “Keeping in touch with our children is such an important part of what we are all going through at present.

“Like many other schools across the country we are trying to do our utmost to support both children and their families with as many activities as we can. Reading is such an important part of Greenland life so we hope by sharing a story with children it will keep their passion for it burning.

“Our videos are an opportunity to say hello, let children know we are thinking of them and reassure them that they’re doing a great job by staying at home.

“It is also a chance for parents to grab a cuppa and have a break from any home schooling they may have chosen to do.”

A different member of staff reads a story every day which is broadcast at 3pm.

Parent Rebecca Finney said: “Olivia was absolutely over the moon to see Mrs Armstrong, and we loved listening to the story.”