DOG owners are reportedly not following the government’s guidelines on social distancing measures, alongside leaving huge piles of dog mess in their wake.

Darlington resident Richard Harmer said he was shocked by the number of people he had spotted whilst out following the restriction by the former Blackwell Golf Course in Darlington who were ignoring the Prime Minister’s advice on people keeping two meters apart from other people in a public space.

“Dog walkers were walking side by side, practically touching arms and showing no respect for the new enforcements. They seemed to treat it like every other day,” said Mr Harmer. “It just shows a total disregard to everyone else’s safety.”

Photos taken at the site on Tuesday also showed a mountain of dog mess left by walkers.

Under the new restrictions dog walking is permitted as part of the one form of daily exercise. Each person in a household is able to walk their dog once per day and are advised to keep two metres apart from all other persons.