BLUEPRINTS are being developed to map out the long-term future of two national parks and bolster nature, despite uncertainty surrounding the shape of the organisations that run them.

Members of the North York Moors National Park Authority are considering developing a new management plan for the protected area and their counterparts in the Yorkshire Dales are examining creating a local development plan for the park up to 2040.

The plans are being developed as both authorities also consider numerous proposals highlighted in a government commissioned inquiry into the future of national parks, which stated sweeping changes were needed to improve the running of the parks.

The Glover Review recommendations include cutting the number of elected council members to make decisions. A report to the North York Moors body highlights how the review also stated “strengthened management plans should set clear priorities and actions for nature recovery including, but not limited to, wilder areas and the response to climate change”.

It states members of the authority had shown strong support for a longer term vision and agreed while wildlife and nature recovery, farming and health and wellbeing should be priorities, and climate change should a driving issue communities, education, economic development and digital connectivity must not be overlooked.

A report to the Yorkshire Dales authority states responses to a consultation over a development plan features also calls to boost nature, including preserving the less developed core of the park for wildlife while allowing greater flexibility for development in the periphery.

Conservation group Friends of the Dales said the authority should identify and protect nature corridors and verges and protect and enhance wildlife needs beyond designated sites and protected species.