A COUNCILLOR is in isolation after coming down with coronavirus symptoms.

Darlington councillor Byrony Holroyd has suffered symptoms of coronavirus and is now in self isolation, after experiencing heavy and aching lungs.

While the 40-year-old College ward councillor believes her symptoms are “mild”, she wishes she “didn’t wait as long” before deciding to isolate.

The Green Party politician first began noticing changes in her health when her lungs felf as though she had run for a train, giving the example of when she has to get back to Darlington from Newcastle’s Quayside, where she works for a fuel poverty charity.

Delegating tasks to colleagues in Devon and taking care of others remotely, Cllr Holroyd said she wishes she had self isolated sooner but didn't know whether her symptoms were due to coronavirus. Her case remains unconfirmed as with many others across the country, as testing is limited.

She has so far had "mild symptoms" of shortness of breath and aching lungs, "but nothing really other than that", and does not know anyone with a confirmed case.

"I guess it depends on how badly you get it," she said, as people experience different severities of the virus.

"I’ve heard it’s to do with the dose. For example, I could have touched something on the train to Newcastle that someone with it has touched. I think I’ve had a very mild form."

Cllr Holroyd's husband is also isolating, following the recommended 14 days, though the pair still go for walks to get some fresh air. This follows the government's guidelines, which states people can still go out to exercise, such as a run or walk, once a day.

While the couple has not been "stockpiling" food, they generally store a good amount anyway.

She added: "The only thing we've run out of is frozen peas. I do get a veg box delivered though, which will be arriving soon. I’ve wrote a little note of the door warning people to stand back, so hopefully they’ll just drop it on the doorstep and knock."

Eager to get out into the community and support ongoing work once her isolation is over, Cllr Holroyd said she would like to get the new test that checks for antibodies and will confirm whether she definitely had the virus.

Fellow College ward councillor Matthew Snedker has been helping community groups reach out to isolated and vulnerable people by providing ward maps and ensure no one is missed.

She added: "Darlington wards are not the biggest but still people need to go door to door to check up on others and this will take a lot of time.

"Support groups are social media based but the issue will be the older people who may not be on Facebook. Hopefully the message will spread through family members too."