FOR a large number of us, this is going to be an extremely difficult week. Perhaps you are in self-isolation because you or a member of your family are displaying coronavirus symptoms. Perhaps you are a worker in the hospitality sector, facing the first full week of your business being in lockdown. Maybe you are a parent, getting ready to start home-schooling your children now the schools have closed.

The Northern Echo:

It is natural to feel scared, overwhelmed and sad. It also understandable if you are frustrated, or questioning whether the most draconian social policies witnessed outside of wartime are really worthwhile.

But as you go about your new daily routine, think of why we are all doing this. Think of the key worker beginning their 12-hour shift to try to keep us safe. Think of the elderly relative whose life is at risk if they contract coronavirus. Think of the family and friends of the 281 UK citizens who have already died of the disease.

They are the reasons the sacrifice is worth it. Stay indoors, stay strong and stay safe.