A MAN who threatened gang violence, stabbings and shootings in letters sent to a woman who had a restraining order against him has had his prison sentence extended.

Shaquille Isodo was already serving a term of imprisonment at HMP Durham for breaching the restraining order when he penned three threatening letters to a former friend he became jealous of.

Teesside Crown Court heard that the initial restraining order was put in place after Isodo chased the woman down the street with a large kitchen knife in 2017.

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, said: “The complainant met the defendant three years ago when he moved into the same estate as her, they were friends. She was in a relationship and this defendant became jealous of the relationship.

“She initially tried to be supportive towards the defendant but he did not respond in a good way.

“On one occasion he chased her and a friend with a large knife in the street and into her house.

“After that, the defendant then sent threatening letters to her and her brother.”

Ms Masters added: “In October she received a letter and realised by the handwriting that it was from the defendant.

“She is clear that she has not been able to fully read the letters because they are extremely distressing for her.

“They make reference to gang violence, stabbings, shootings and make sexual comments about her and her family relationships.

“Three letters were sent which left her feeling extremely anxious and upset.

“She has not been able to sleep and is worried about what might happen when the defendant is released from custody.

“They are even considering relocation because they are so concerned. She believes the letters were sent deliberately to upset and intimidate her."

As a result of the letters the defendant was interviewed by police and gave a preprepared statement claiming he was 'aware of the restraining order' and that he did send three letters to the victim.

Isodo, 21, of HMP Durham, has 10 previous convictions for 14 offences including two robberies.

Christopher Wood, mitigating, said: “With his age comes a level of immaturity.

“He does express remorse, he explains that the initial intention was to move on and to confirm that they were to have no contact.

"He was intending on doing that but clearly he made remarks that go above and beyond that.”

Judge Johnathan Carroll told Isodo: “This is a bad example of this kind of offending. You had been made subject to a restraining order in 2017 because you chased a girl, with whom you had no relationship with, with a large knife.

"I am not re-sentencing you in any way for that offence but it sets the background for your behaviour thereafter.

"You sent three letters threatening gang violence, stabbings, shootings, and quite understandably this young woman is terrified and it hasn't just impacted her, it's impacted her whole family.

"I am quite satisfied that you are quite chuffed with yourself that you have scared her to that extent.

"This family and this young girl needs to feel protected by the courts."

Isodo was sentenced to two years in prison for one charge of breaching a restraining order.