POLICE are encouraging good behaviour at an upcoming funfair after anti-social behaviour caused officers to close the event last year.

The funfair, which came to Bishop Auckland Football Club, was forced to shut down in 2019 following a spate of anti-social behaviour incidents.

Several calls were received into the control room including public order offences, assaults and underage drinking.

The vast majority of children who attended were well behaved and caused no issues, but a number were affected by alcohol which resulted in vomiting and abuse to other members of the public and shop staff nearby.

This year’s fair will run from Thursday, March 19, to Sunday, March 29, with rides to suit children of all ages.

Fun fair closed by police after anti-social behaviour

Andy Reeves, neighbourhood inspector, said: “Historically, the fair has been lively with youngsters drinking alcohol excessively, putting themselves at risk on nearby roads and causing a nuisance to others.

"This year, we hope for a much quieter affair where families can enjoy the event.

“Yes we may seem like party poopers but we’re eager for an enjoyable event where everyone can go about their activities in a safe manner.

“Our advice to parents is simple, know where your children are and what they are doing.

"Our officers will be dealing with any anti-social behaviour linked to this event which is being hosted at Bishop Auckland Football Club."

Steve Coulthard, chairman of the club, said: “The venue relies heavily on events such as this to help fund and support the club.

"Should the event be closed down and unable to operate because of anti-social behaviour of the minority, this could have a significant impact on the club’s ability to operate.

"Therefore to those attending, please enjoy the event but please act in an appropriate manner."