PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has said he will do what he can to keep Locomotion No 1 in Darlington.

The town's MP, Peter Gibson, asked for Mr Johnson's support during Prime Minister's Question in the House of Commons today.

MP Peter Gibson said: "As the country that brought railways to the world, what plans does my Right Honorable friend have to celebrate the 200th anniversary in 2025?

"And, does he stand with the people of Darlington to prevent the removal of Locomotion No 1, the world's first passenger steam engine from Darlington where she has resided for over 160 years?"

Boris Johnson told the Commons: "I congratulate my honorable friend and the people of Darlington and the historic role they played in our railway history and heritage and I will do what I can to support his campaign to prevent Darlington from being despoiled of that iconic Locomotive (sic) No 1."