Council tax for Hartlepool residents will increase by 3.8 per cent for 2020/21.

In December 2019 Hartlepool Borough Council approved increasing its council tax by 3.9 per cent, including the two per cent adult social care precept, for next year.

Council leader Coun Shane Moore said at the time it went against ‘every fibre of his being’ but there was ‘no viable alternative’ following years of government cuts impacting Hartlepool.

The council tax contributions to the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cleveland Fire Authority have now been confirmed and when the overall rise is calculated it means the total rise for areas without a parish council will be 3.8 per cent, compared to the 4.6 per cent rise for 2019/20.

Areas with a parish council will also have an extra council tax cost added on, which is just 8.5 per cent of Hartlepool households.

The Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner increase is 4 per cent, which equates to an extra £6.66 a year for a Band A property.

Cleveland Fire Authority moved to increase its council tax share by 1.9 per cent earlier this month after hitting out at the Government for nine years of cuts to its funding.

For a property in Band A, which 53 per cent of Hartlepool households are, the total annual council tax will rise by £51.45, excluding any additional parish precepts.

Out of this, £43.82 more will go to Hartlepool Borough Council (including the two per cent adult social care precept), £6.66 will go the Police and Crime Commissioner and 98p will go to the Cleveland Fire Authority.

Coun Moore said: “Most significantly the government forecast increase in spending power assumes all authorities will increase council tax in line with the government referendum limits and this accounts for 55per cent of the national increase in spending power.

“The government council tax referendum limits continue to shift funding for local services from the national taxation to council tax, and means authorities either increase council tax in line with these limits or reduce spending on services.”

In total Band A properties in areas without a parish council, will pay £1,393.58 in council tax for the year, with £1,167.34 going to the council (including the adult social care precept), £173.69 going to the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and £52.55 going to Cleveland Fire Authority.