TWO police officers had an unexpected delivery after being flagged down to help a woman in labour.

Officers Martin Lindsley and Dennis Lewis were on their way to lunch on Saturday when they were flagged down in central Middlesbrough to come to the aid of Lucie Behakova, who was close to giving birth. 

The officers were led to the house after being signalled by a member of the public, and helped deliver a baby girl.

Amilie Behakova was born weighing 6lbs 4oz and is settling in at home with big sisters Sofia, 5, and Natalie, 8.

Police Constable Lindsley, who helped deliver the baby while his colleague called ambulance control, said: “We were led into a house where everyone was in a bit of a panic, we didn’t know what to expect and then we saw a woman giving birth.

"I never expected to deliver a baby as a policeman but I’m just so pleased that mum and baby are doing so well. 

"Congratulations to mum and the rest of the family.”

The officers took advice from the ambulance service and ensured that the baby was breathing until paramedics arrived and took mother and baby to hospital, where they were checked over.

They are both back home and are doing well.

PC Lewis said: “Thankfully the man on the end of the phone at ambulance control was extremely helpful and he knew exactly what we needed to do to help mum and baby. 

“The whole thing was surreal really. We went back to the station afterwards for a well-earned cup of tea.”

The officers called round today to see how the new mum and daughter are doing.

Ms Behaklova, said: “The policemen were the first people to see Amilie. 

"We were lucky that they were passing at that time. 

"I think the officers were in shock about what happened but they were happy to have been able to help.”