TWO students who interviewed their MP last year were invited to be part of a BBC Radio 4 programme upon his appointment to Chancellor of the Exchequer last week.

George Whyatt, a year 10 student at Richmond School, was invited to talk to the BBC about a podcast he and fellow student George Harris recorded with Rishi Sunak.

Broadcast on Radio 4, Mark Coles, presenter of 'Profile', spoke to a select group of contributors who shared their experiences and knowledge of Rishi Sunak.

George Whyatt was discovered by the producers of 'Profile', who contacted Richmond School after coming across a Podcast that George and George Harris had created, when they did a 25-minute interview with Mr Sunak in October.

George was interviewed for 'Profile' alongside Chris Lloyd. chief features writer at The Northern Echo, as well as other contributors including Katy Balls, deputy political editor at The Spectator; George Parker, political editor at the Financial Times; and Neil Parish, Conservative MP.

Mr Sunak's Profile comes hot on the heels of another programme with Baroness Hale, an alumna of Richmond School. Other recent shows have included Michael Morpurgo, Eddie Jones, John Bercow, Stormzy and Maggie Smith.

George said: "I had seen Rishi's appointment was breaking news but I was not expecting the BBC to come to me! I feel privileged to have been approached."

The two Georges have an avid interest in journalism and the media and when interviewing Mr Sunak for their own podcast they were delighted when he told them that they had a great set of questions which they put to him with commendable assurance.

Mr Sunak said at the time: "Only last week I did a podcast with BBC Politics’ Nick Robinson and these questions were just as challenging."

The students had found out about Mr Sunak's love for Star Wars and were thrilled when Mark Coles opened the Profile programme with the words "Out goes Star Trek fan Sajid Javid and in comes another sci- fi geek, Star Wars obsessive Rishi Sunak."

Jenna Potter, headteacher at Richmond School, said: "Little did they know when they were interviewing Rishi in October, he would become one of the most influential people in the country.

"This is something the two Georges will never forget."

To listen to the Profile programme visit and to hear the George Podcast with Rishi Sunak head to