SEVERAL restaurants were forced to shut after a group of 50 youths descended on businesses in Hartlepool on Sunday.

KFC, McDonald's, Subway and Costa in Marina Way were all affected after one member of staff said up to 50 youths congregated in the restaurants and outside.

There were reports of a door being damaged after it was kicked in, crisps and rubbish being left on the floor and chairs being kicked over.

One worker said around five boys kicked in a door in the men’s toilets inside the fast-food restaurant KFC.

The Northern Echo: Police were called to antisocial behaviour at Marina Way, in Hartlepool. Picture: GooglePolice were called to antisocial behaviour at Marina Way, in Hartlepool. Picture: Google

Staff from the outlet also said that McDonald’s were forced to close early.

Nearby Subway also had to close an hour early – at 8pm.

One of the staff members said: “This has happened before – it’s not the same group of people – it’s normally kids. Twenty odd people with one staff member – it’s intimidating for him.”

Another worker at a Marina Way business said: “They make a bit of a mess. We sent them outside. Yesterday we did have to close early – we locked the doors.”

“It’s intimidating if only two of us are on,” he added.

“Some don’t cause problems,vhowever, some do.”

Staff members also said that the nearby fun-fair could have 'something to do with it'.

Hartlepool Neighbourhood Police Team said they were carrying out further investigations and viewing CCTV to find those that were responsible.

Police said that staff and customers witnessed appalling behaviour and that this was taken very seriously and not tolerated and that it is unacceptable that staff in the fast food outlets have to be subjected to such disorder.