A NEW MP has distanced herself from the views of two men described by anti-racism campaigners as far-right figures after she was photographed with them in a pub.

Dehenna Davison, the Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland, posed for pictures with pair at a party to celebrate Brexit which was held at a pub in the town on January 31.

She said: “These photos were taken at an event open to the public and I in no way whatsoever condone the views highlighted of the individuals concerned.”

Ms Davison had her picture taken with a group of party-goers holding a County Durham flag, one of whom is said to have attended rallies organised by the English Defence League and Britain First.

The Northern Echo has seen social media posts in which he appears to wish Adolf Hitler a happy birthday, burn a copy of the Quran and pose next to a racist message written in snow.

The charity also criticised her association with the other man, a former Conservative member banned from the party after he organised a far-right demonstration and made Islamophobic comments online.

Matthew McGregor, Hope Not Hate’s campaigns director, said Ms Davison must "answer questions about her connections with far-right figures" and called for the Conservative Party to investigate.

“These allegations are extremely serious and warrant the Conservative Party launching an urgent investigation, during which time Dehenna Davison should be suspended until there has been a finding.

“These extreme individuals should be unwelcome at any mainstream political party gathering,” he said.