GOOD luck to Philip Schofield and his family. He has been very dignified and very brave in coming out so publicly, knowing full well that everything he says will be pored over and analysed on social media.

Once coming out would have harmed, if not destroyed, a celebrity’s career, but Philip – one of the most affable and loved presenters on television – will sail on.

And, saying all the right things, he spoke of how his greatest concern is for his wife and daughters, whose lives have been turned upside down as much as his.

He finished his statement simply by saying: “Please be kind.”

It is desperately sad that still there is the prospect of people being unkind about issues of sexuality.

However, there is evidence that times are becoming more tolerant. The results from the Iowa caucuses were finally toted up yesterday, and just out in front was Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay mayor. Buttigieg is the most refreshing of all the Democratic candidates, but still faces an uphill struggle – however, who would have thought that Donald Trump’s America could produce such a poll leader?

The world is becoming kinder.