CUSTOMERS of mobile network EE are warning others that there is a scam targeting them.

EE customers have received texts saying there is a problem with their bill, but the network provider says these texts are not genuine.

Customer Michael Watson said his wife received one of the texts and alerted EE.

He said: "Do not click on the link. Give EE a call. They are aware of this."

EE has said on its online forum that these messages can be very convincing.

There are several examples in the network's customer forums of messages claiming to be from EE.

Most suggest there is a problem with payment, with a link at the end of the message. 

The texts could look like this:

The Northern Echo:

EE advised that if you receive message like these to forward them to 7726 and it will be looked into.

A spokesperson for EE said: "Our dedicated fraud team works hard to keep our customers safe from scams and customers should forward any suspicious texts to 7726 so they can be investigated. Our security team will then work quickly to block any fraudulent website in the texts to protect other people. 

“If a customer thinks they may have been a victim of a scam then they should contact us and Action Fraud immediately.” 

Please find more of our advice to customers on scams here:

Examples of advice:

  • Don’t click on links unless you know they’re 100 per cent genuine
  • A message may not be genuine if it asks you to provide sensitive or financial information, passwords, or make transactions by following a link in the message
  • A suspicious message uses an urgent tone asking you to ‘act now’