DISGUSTING! Pathetic! Embarrassing! The shameful antics of Nigel Farage and his vile Brexit Party creatures as they attended their final meeting in Brussels portrayed Britain as a nation of thugs (Echo, Jan 30).

While the representatives of other European countries joined hands to sing Auld Lang Syne and thank Britain for playing a part in helping the European Union to retain peace for 75 years and to wish us well for the future, Farage put his foot on the desk to show his Union Jack socks as his sycophants sneered, jeered and waved their little plastic flags.

Britain was shown on the world stage to be little more than a gang of football hooligans. Our European partners showed discretion, good manners and friendship only to receive a rude rebuke.

It was nauseating and damaging to our country’s already diminished reputation.

Stephen Warren, Durham.

Regarding Timothy Cannam’s comments (HAS, Jan 29) entitled Brexit Day, I wholeheartedly agree that, yes, leaving the EU is one of the greatest foreign policy blunders since the Suez crisis in 1956.

So what makes these Brexit voters think a small island like United Kingdom can be self sufficient, when for the past 50-odd years we have imported more goods than we have exported, and also how are we going to survive with a workforce (that’s those who prefer to work, not the lazy workshy who are milking the taxpayer and the government of much-needed funds) who are badly trained and lacking basic skills.

The original issue of immigration is now lost in translation, as up to now after 20 years of whatever government is in power we have failed to lower immigration and also stop illegal immigrants entering through our borders.

According to the media there are more immigrants than ever here, whether legal or illegal.

But we will never know the true numbers as this government are experts at cooking the books and covering things up.

But it has worked, and so this Friday this country will no longer be called United Kingdom but rather Divided Kingdom.

Stephen Hadden, Bishop Auckland.