REPRESENTATIVES of the region's young people have hailed today as 'bright and prosperous' as Britain gains independence from the EU, and said that it is now up to new generations to become 'the solution of the future'.

Darlington's members of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP) said they were hopeful of a strong relationship with the EU after today, despite concerns of uncertainty around the country's future post-Brexit.

Francis Humble, Darlington's youth MP (MYP), said: “ I think all British people can celebrate the fact that, after over 40 years of being ruled by EU bureaucracy, we have regained our independence.

"I'm sure we have a bright and prosperous future to look forward to, involving a strong relationship with our European friends.”

Htet Wunna, Deputy MYP, added: "A significant amount of people within my generation are concerned about how Brexit will shape our lives. However, I am not afraid.

"Regardless of what happens from today, the young people of today will become the solution of the future, and that is something to be hopeful about."