A FOOTBALLER has said racism has no place in the game, or society, after abuse was directed him over the weekend.

A supporter was asked to leave Shildon’s Dean Street ground after allegedly making offensive remarks about the home side’s striker, Billy Greulich-Smith, during Saturday’s clash with Stockton Town.

The 28-year-old, who lives in Sunderland, said he did not hear the comments, but was told about them after the game.

He said: “It has no place in football, or society at all, even if it just among friends having a kickaround in the park.

“It just spoils the enjoyment for people. It will get to the point where people will just walk off the pitch and not play so that ruins it for everyone.

“They are just people with nothing better to say.

“They are just thinking of something that is going to get the biggest reaction. It is pathetic.”

Shildon lost the Northern League Division One match 2-0, which leaves the visitors at the top of the table.

Mr Greulich-Smith, who is mixed race and a one-time Hartlepool United striker, said he was more bothered about the fact that his team, now third in the table, lost the tie.

He said: “I was more concerned with the final score if I am honest.

“Racist comments do not bother me particularly, but a lot of people might find it offensive so it needs stamping out once and for all.”

It is understood the referee will be referring the incident to the FA.

Stockton Town’s manager Micky Dunwell said he apologised to Mr Greulich-Smith, a former Sunderland Academy player, on behalf of the club after the match.

He said: “I spoke to him about it after the match.

“It is probably just one or two people who are not very well educated and have had a few drinks and are showing off.

“We don’t condone that kind of behaviour at all. If it has happened then it will be tackled by the club.

“If people are found to have done that then they won’t be allowed in again. We have mixed race players ourselves.

“I do not tolerate anything like that at all.''

Mr Dunwell reiterated the message that there is no place for racism.

He said: “It is a problem that need to be tackled from high up. This is the 21st century and there is no place for it in our game or any sport.”