A TEENAGER plunged a large kitchen knife into her abusive father's back after a row in the family exploded into violence, a court heard.

Jessica Breeze, now aged 20, was punched or slapped by her father, Colin Brady, before he threatened to slit his own throat, during the argument last June.

Teesside Crown Court was told that the defendant grabbed a knife off her father as he threatened her mother, Kelly Breeze, before stabbing him in the back.

The jury heard that the row erupted after the defendant accused her father's sister of trying to get money off her and he discovered that she was in a relationship.

Nick Dry, prosecuting, said: "The situation quickly escalated, Colin Brady losing his temper, throwing food on the floor and then advancing upon Jessica Breeze, who was sitting on the settee near the front window in the sitting room.

"Fearing violence, Kelly Breeze started to get between them but was unable to stop Colin Brady punching or slapping Jessica Breeze several times, an incident which was witnessed by a passerby."

Mr Dry told the jury that Mr Brady then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to slit his throat in front of them before then demonstrating how he would slit his wrists.

The two women tried to escape by fleeing upstairs but an enraged Mr Brady confronted them in the bedroom as Jessica tried to escape through a window, shouting 'what the f*** are you doing? and asking her to get out of his f***ing sight'.

"He was still angry and aggressive towards both women," added Mr Dry. "He said he was going to smash their cars up and threatened to kill them. At that point Colin Brady turned his back on them and walked towards the living room.

"It was at that point that Kelly Breeze became aware of her daughter moving quickly past her and towards her father, raising her right arm and stabbing him in the back."

He told the court that the victim then stumbled into the living room like a 'zombie' before emergency services were called.

Mr Brady was taken to the nearby James Cook University Hospital but was pronounced dead just before midnight.

A post-mortem examination revealed that the six inch knife had been plunged into his back up to the hilt, just below his left shoulder.

Breeze was charged after Mr Brady was found at the family home on Keith Road, on the Grove Hill estate, Middlesbrough, last summer.

The court heard how the family had a fractious relationship with frequent arguments and occasional outbursts of violence.

The defendant, now of Central Mews, Middlesbrough, denies murder.

The trial continues.