THE promise of thousands of new highly-paid and high skill jobs in the North-East was discussed this evening as the Northern Powerhouse minister paid a visit to County Durham.

Throughout the day, Jake Berry MP had been to Blyth in Northumberland, Consett and Sedgefield to see first-hand the areas and businesses, which he promised would soon benefit from government funding and in turn create further jobs.

Over the next few years, almost £380m from the government's Local Growth Fund is being invested in a bid to create jobs and boost success across the North-East.

The Northern Echo: Paul Howell MP, centre, with Jake Berry, left, in Sedgefield Picture: JIM SCOTTPaul Howell MP, centre, with Jake Berry, left, in Sedgefield Picture: JIM SCOTT

But at the North East Technology Park (NetPark) in Sedgefield, Mr Berry told The Northern Echo that the North-East was beginning to see a 'real jobs revolution,' as he said the region was showcasing its potential to be a "world-leader" in science and innovation.

Mr Berry said: “In terms of jobs, we are beginning to see a real jobs revolution here in the North-East, driven not least by the green industrial revolution and the decarbonisation of our economy."

While inside a building housing the technology innovation centre CPI UK, which is looking into ways to develop new manufacturing processes across the transportation, pharmaceuticals, personal care, materials, chemicals and waste and energy, Mr Berry said innovative centres across the region were instrumental in the production of highly-paid high skilled jobs.

He said: "You can see that all up along this coast, centres like this one are developing the science that will drive those businesses.

"These (centres) are absolutely key to making sure, that not just in traditional industries, chemicals industries and the other great industries across the North-East but also new green decarbonised industries, that people get those highly-paid jobs which is our target."

Mr Berry said the NetPark had already received more than £22m from the government as part of his Northern Powerhouse plan.

The Northern Echo: Paul Howell, who was recently elected as Conservative MP for SedgefieldPaul Howell, who was recently elected as Conservative MP for Sedgefield

Welcoming Mr Berry's visit, Conservative Sedgefield MP Paul Howell said: "The more that we get the ministers coming up here and understanding what we have and the assets we have and how they can be leveraged by the use of bigger thinking, the better it all is.

"Hopefully that’s the benefit from having a wave of Conservative MPs from this part of the world, to connect directly with a bunch of conservative ministers to make sure we get value.

"This creates the opportunity for kids coming out of our local universities to stay in this part of the world, to feel there’s great careers available instead of them having to move and power up the engine in the south, let’s power up the engine here."

Mr Berry added: "Things here have started to change, we've got a brilliant team of Conservative MPs.

"In five years time people are going to see better more highly paid secure jobs and a group of Conservative colleagues across the North-East, who are working hand in glove to make sure we really deliver for the people here."