A MAN who beat his mother with a wooden brush said she had been “winding him up”, a court heard yesterday.

Stephen Eldrett appeared before magistrates sitting at Newton Aycliffe for a string of offences, including biting and spitting at police officers and smearing blood and urine around a police cell.

Natalie Robinson, prosecuting, said: “The victim in this case is the defendant’s mother. On the evening of January 12 he attended her address shouting abuse before beating her with a wooden hand brush, hitting her on the shin and the shoulder.

“The next day she told him to leave and he did but then he returned appearing drunk. He began throwing things around the property, smashing a 42 inch TV. Police found him and arrested him and he bit an officer on the arm, on her bicep."

The prosecutor said an officer tried to calm Eldrett down at Durham police station, but that he became aggressive and shouted racist abuse at him.

She added: "Later another officer attended his cell and found him trying to take his clothes off.

"On trying to restrain him the defendant punched the officer in the leg numerous times, tried to bite his hand and then spat at the officer.

"He then smeared blood and urine on the walls and around his cell.”

Eldrett, 30, pleaded guilty to assault by beating, racially aggravated harassment, two counts of criminal damage and three charges of assaulting an emergency worker.

A probation officer said the 30-year-old was deeply ashamed of his behaviour and could not remember most of it.

She added: “Basically, his mother winds him up. There was an argument ongoing between them for around three weeks and that’s what this was all over. He drinks, his mother drinks, and they were both in drink when this happened. They have a toxic relationship.

“He says he can’t remember being abusive to the officer but he can remember being pepper sprayed. He is very remorseful towards the officers and says he wishes he could turn back the clock.

“He lives alone and is unemployed. He has been a cannabis user since he was 17 and drinks lager, vodka, whisky and cider daily – but he does say he wants to stop.”

Chair of the bench, Susan Hannan, said: “We have heard this great long list of everything that went on and we know you had consumed alcohol but we can’t excuse that. We are sorry to hear about the relationship you have with your mum, but maybe it’s best that you stay away.”

Eldrett, of Drake Street, Spennymoor, was given a 12 month community order with 16 rehabilitation activity days.

He was also ordered to pay £340 compensation to his mother and the police officers involved.