A SERGEANT has spoken out to reassure residents anti-social behaviour from a group of 'hardcore youths who seem to be causing misery for others' will not be tolerated.

Sergeant Andy Boyd, from Newton Aycliffe Police, has said whilst many youngsters in Newton Aycliffe are well behaved a small number of them are being a nuisance for residents.

Sergeant Boyd said: "Like in numerous towns and cities across the country, anti-social behaviour rises during the winter months, this seems to be down to youths gathering in town centres where they feel safer, where there is cover from the elements, street lighting and in some areas free wifi.

"I am sick of this type of behaviour, I know my team are sick of this behaviour and I am fully aware that the community is growing sick and tired of this small element causing harassment, alarm and distress.

"This hardcore group has been identified, we are collating evidence on them on a daily basis, we are working with the anti-social behaviour team at Durham County Council and issuing acceptable behaviour contracts.

"We are interviewing them for all offences identified and we are pursuing all offences where evidence supports us in doing so.

"Please be assured that we are doing all we can to reduce anti-social behaviour."