A WOMAN'S failure to comply with the terms of a suspended prison sentence has landed her behind bars.

Lynette Marie Askew was said to have “buried her head in the sand” when given the opportunity to try to rid herself of her drug affliction by a judge, last September.

The 39-year-old defendant, of Flora Street, Spennymoor, was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, at Durham Crown Court after admitting possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

She was ordered to complete 50 hours’ unpaid work and attend 30-probation led rehabilitation activity days as part of the sentence.

But, in a case brought by the Probation Service, she appeared back in court in breach of the sentence.

Chris Morrison, prosecuting, said she failed to attend probation appointments and unpaid work sessions, and at other times she left early having failed to complete the allocated work time.

“She told the officer she didn’t have a good reason other than burying her head in the sand.”

Askew admitted failing to comply with the terms of a suspended sentence.

Annelise Haugstad, for Askew, said: “She clearly has a lifestyle in which she has made difficult and, perhaps, unexplainable decisions to this order, from the outset.

“She admits when things like this come along she is unable to cope with them and that’s due to some form of anxiety.”

Urging Judge Jonathan Carroll to give her a final chance, Miss Haugstad said Askew’s partner and mother are prepared to offer her support to ensure she complies with the order.

But, Judge Carroll said: “You were given ample opportunity to help yourself back onto your feet and whether you chose to take that chance is entirely in your own hands.”

Telling her she showed “barely any compliance” and “almost no commitment” to addressing her drug misuse he was left with little option other than to impose the full 12-month sentence.