A PARANORMAL investigator who has traced the steps of Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker and Mary Ann Cotton has turned her sights on the haunting hotspots of County Durham.

Elaine Kelly, who runs investigation group, Spectre Detectors, has put pen to paper to document her ghostly discoveries in her latest book, The Hauntings Of Bishop Auckland.

The Northern Echo: Elaine Kelly, second right, with her team of Spectre DetectorsElaine Kelly, second right, with her team of Spectre Detectors

In the book, the Coundon resident describes her experiences from seven investigations in the town.

They include feeling the presence of a spirit standing behind her in the Fifteas Vintage Tearoom and later supposedly hearing its voice with state-of-the-art paranormal equipment.

The Northern Echo: A supposed ghost at the Bingo Hippodrome in Bishop AucklandA supposed ghost at the Bingo Hippodrome in Bishop Auckland

The Northern Echo: ‘Ghost of monk’ captured on camera at haunted pub‘Ghost of monk’ captured on camera at haunted pub

The Northern Echo: A figure from No.17 bar and bistroA figure from No.17 bar and bistro

Other venues featured in the the book include Hippodrome Bingo, The Merry Monk pub and King's Cafe and Retail which left her with dozens of haunted tales to tell.

Mrs Kelly said: "Bishop Auckland is a very active place. In all the venues we had stand out experiences including the figure of a grey lady.

"We use night vision cameras and electronic voice phenomenon recorders which allows us to catch figures and communicate with the spirits."

During her nine years with Spectre Detectors, Mrs Kelly has supposedly heard and caught evidence of spirits on camera – including a picture of a monk eerily staring out into the darkness at The Merry Monk pub.

She said it is believed that the local monks brewed their alcohol in the pub's cellar, then used the tunnel to transport it to the castle, away from the public eye.

It is also understood that the building was used as an orphanage, and the monks would help to care for the children there.

As well as showing the monk, the team managed to capture an image of a dog.

For more stories, The Hauntings Of Bishop Auckland is available at amazon.co.uk and can also be bought from WHSmith in Bishop Auckland.