A CHARITY has donated £1,000 to go towards a man’s medical care after he suffered a catastrophic stroke.

The Angel Trust charity, in Bishop Auckland, donated the generous amount to Willington FC Chairman Richard Tremewan, 49, whose life was turned upside down after a stroke and bleed on the brain.

A total of about £4,000 has now been raised for Mr Tremewan, including the cheque amount and previously raised money, meaning a specially adapted bike can be bought to help him regain muscle and mobility, with further hopes that the remaining amount will go towards speech therapy.

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Mr Tremewan’s long-time friend David Bayles said: “Lots of people have put the effort in to raise money to support Richard's treatment.

“This has been absolutely superb and it will make a world of difference for Richard to get one-on-one time during his recovery.”

Steve Coulthard, chairman of Bishop Auckland FC and close friend of Mr Tremewan’s, said: “I have known Richard for 50 years, and I took him to his first football game at Evenwood, which I like to think started his love of football.

"There's been so much support from people and the Angel Trust have been incredibly kind."