COMMUTERS in the region are set to benefit as the first early morning commuter service between Whitby and Middlesbrough in 'nearly 30 years' is launched. 

From Monday, December 16, a new early morning service from Whitby in North Yorkshire to Middlesbrough will run daily between Monday and Saturday.

The Northern Railway service, which will leave Whitby at 6.33am and arrive into Middlesbrough at 8am, is also being launched alongside a later evening return service.

The introduction of the new services are part of a timetable refresh which is happening across the UK rail network on Sunday, December 15. 

The later return service, also being run by Northern Railway, will depart Middlesbrough at 8.43pm and arrive into Whitby at 10.21pm.

But according to the Esk Valley Community Rail Partnership, which has campaigned for better rail links in the region, the new services will allow passengers from further afield to get to London and back within a day.

The Northern Echo:

Chairman of the partnership, Alan Williams, welcomed the running of the new services and said: "We have been lobbying for these services for many years and we are delighted that residents in Whitby and the Esk Valley will now enjoy an improved service."

Mr Williams said that due to 'timetabling restrictions' not all stations along the line could be served, but said the partnership would be working with the rail operator to ensure future growth.

He said: "We will be working with Northern to monitor passenger numbers during the first weeks and months of the new services to ensure that passengers gain maximum advantage."

  • The timetables for the route are available online at