A GOLF club captain left a woman feeling 'terrified' that his sexual assaults would restart after she reported his behaviour to officials.

The alleged victim told jurors that after one assault happened when he put his cold hand down her top between her breasts, Malcolm Fawcett ‘giggled’ as he walked away.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the defendant also grabbed hold of the woman around the waist and 'dry humped' her as she was bent over while in Brancepeth Castle Golf Club.

The woman, who was giving her evidence from behind a screen, told jurors about the five sexual assaults Fawcett is accused of carrying out on her over an 18-month period.

She said: “He came in after a round of golf in April time, he put his hand down my top and between my breasts, saying his hands were cold. It went right down between my breasts.

“He just laughed and said his hands were cold, giggled and walked away.”

When asked how that made her feel, she replied: “I was just shocked, I don’t think I said anything.”

The second incident involved the defendant ‘dry humping’ the witness.

She said: “While I was bent over, he came behind me and dry humped me from behind and had his hands around my midsection. He rubbed his crotch on my bum area. I was just shocked that it could happen.”

The witness told jurors that a couple of weeks later the defendant did it again to her.

The third charge relates to an incident that happened in one of the corridors at the golf club.

She said: “As I walked by him, he touched my bum, but he didn’t just touch my bum, he touched my vagina as well. As I walked past, he made a lewd comment.”

When asked whether the defendant explained what he meant by his comment, she replied 'no' and she just assumed that he meant performing a sexual act on her.

In a further incident he grabbed her breasts which left her feeling ‘horrified’ and he also asked her to visit him in the men's changing rooms and try on clothes in front of him.

Philip Standfast, prosecuting, asked the woman whether she had done anything to encourage the defendant's actions and behaviour before asking why she contacted the police.

She said: “A couple of remarks were made after he obviously found out I had reported him. I was terrified that it was going to start all over again so I wanted to speak to somebody who could do something about it.”

The 57-year-old, of High Carr Close, Framwellgate Moor, Durham, pleaded not guilty to 11 charges of sexual assault dating from January 2016 until January last year.

The trial continues.