SHADOW BUSINESS SECRETARY Rebecca Long-Bailey, will today announce more details of Labour’s plans for a £500m steel recycling plant in Redcar, which the party says would create 1,100 jobs.

Labour’s proposal would see scrap metal recycled into steel. The party is also pledging to introduce a series of new measures to safeguard 2,250 further steel jobs on Teesside, including business rates exemptions, new R&D funding for steel producers, and use of public procurement to boost demand for British steel.

Other announcements include investment to expand ports on the Tyne and Tees and construction of a fabrication and manufacturing yard at Redcar so that new wind turbines for the upcoming Dogger Bank windfarms will be manufactured, stored and assembled in the North-East.

Ms Long Bailey MP will say: “Teesside is proud of its industrial history, and demands a future that is worthy of its great past.

“Labour will not sit idly by while the steel industry comes under siege.

“A thriving domestic steel industry is vital to powering our Green Industrial Revolution and investment in infrastructure such as wind turbines.

“Whether you’re a former or current steelworker, or a young person on Teesside looking for a good career, the Green Industrial Revolution will benefit you. “