A BOY has been recognised as a young hero by emergency services for helping save his mother’s life.

Leo Cooper, five, dialled 999 when his mother, Caroline Frater suffered a fall in October.

Mrs Frater has a neurological condition which affects her body, and she can become paralysed from the waist down at any time without warning.

When Mrs Frater fell, she hit her head and was knocked unconscious. Leo managed to get her phone from her pocket and call the emergency services.

Lynn Worthington-Bianchi was the call handler and had just started her night shift. She said: “When the call came through, I asked if the patient was breathing, Leo said she wasn’t awake but was breathing. He then proceeded to tell me word for word what was happening.

"He was very calm and there was no hesitation in his voice. It is unusual for someone so young to give you all the information you need, he knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it.”

The Young Heroes Award scheme is a Durham-wide initiative designed to recognise young people who go above and beyond in their communities.

The five-year-old was presented with his local hero award in a special assembly at Sunnybrow Primary School near Willington.

Members of all the emergency services attended. Leo received awards from the police and ambulance, and a mascot and overalls from the fire brigade.

The pupil and his class mates then got to see inside a fire engine, sound the horn, activate the sirens and flash the lights.

PSCO Katie Martin, who presented the award alongside her colleagues, said: “Young heroes is to recognise that there are young children out there that have a positive impact on the community. Children get a bad press, and this encourages them to do good things.

"The award is all about good news.”

Mrs Frater said: “He’s seen it all and takes it in his stride, he knows the drill and he gets on with it. Kids are the best to make the calls as they say what they see and don’t worry about what might happen.

“Two weeks after the incident I was still in hospital when I found out that he was going to win the young heroes award.”