FAMILY band Sentimental Journey are releasing a Christmas album in hope of restoring the meaning of Christmas.

Ron White, his brother Melvyn and their sister Beryl, have been performing and song writing since the 1960s.

Their latest album "Gift for Christmas” sees the band perform their own Christmas songs for a fourth time.

Ron said: “I wanted to send a message that the gift of love is better than an Xbox or anything materialistic, the theme is love because we were brought together in a loving family.”

Melvyn added: “Everyone tended to help each other in Tow Law, we didn’t have much back in the day we made our own entertainment, and now we’re here”

The songs are recorded locally in Tow Law’s Wear Jammin studios by producer Michael Walker.

Ron plays the guitar, Beryl sings and Melvyn plays the melodeon, a type of accordion.

It is not the first time Ron has recorded a festive CD. In 2016, he raised almost £300 for the charity with his single Give Us a Hug for Christmas.

Ron has written more 1,500 songs since the 1960s, finding inspiration from everyday life, from his walks down the road, trips into Durham and his family life.

Suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, Ron sings to exercise his lungs. He wrote a song for when Tow Law played at Wembley in the FA Vase in 1998. His music has travelled all around the world, it has been played on the radio in America and his daughter performs the songs to the children she teaches in Japan.

He said: “I haven’t made a lot of money but its been a good ride, my mother told me that if you make a hit record you will make a lot of money, I’m still waiting.”

Ron has nearly found fame a few times but his advice to anyone thinking of becoming a musician is “to keep going until something comes, don’t give up, you just need a bit of luck for a one-hit wonder”.

The proceeds from the CD will be divided between Dawson Street St Andrew’s Church, Crook, and Derwentside Mind.

In recent years the siblings have managed to raise more than £1,000. The CD is available to purchase for £3 from the Chemists, Cathy’s and Her’s and Sir’s in Tow Law, Bluestone café and Richie Coatsworth photography in Crook, and Derwentside mind in Consett.

Fans can also contact Ron White on 01388-730424, or via his website