AS the only UK political party committed to stopping Brexit and revoking Article 50, should they claim power, the Liberal Democrats believe voters will respond positively to their message.

Anne-Marie Curry, the Lib Dems’ candidate who has served Darlington for years as a town councillor, believes her party represents an alternative to what she sees as divisive policies that undermine the core beliefs of many Conservative voters.

She said: “The Liberal Democrats are the only national party which has a clear, unequivocal position about remaining in the European Union.

“Much has happened since the June 2016 referendum and enough people have changed their minds to justify putting the question back to the people.  That’s what this general election is about.

“If the Liberal Democrats win an overall majority, we will take that as an indication that we can legitimately revoke Article 50 and stay as full members of the EU.  

“However, if there is no overall control by any single party after this general election, we will work with MPs from across all parties to press for a second confirmatory vote on remaining in the EU. Support for ‘Remain’ cuts across party divide.”

The Lib Dem’s manifesto also includes education pledges voters are likely to approve of. The ‘Skills Wallet’ promises £10,000 to every UK adult to be spent of training, education, and upskilling, intended to prepare them for jobs of the future.

This will be paid for by returning corporation tax – which has been repeatedly cut by the Tory government over the last few years – to the 2016 rate of 20 per cent. This would generate £10 billion a year; more than enough to cover the £1.9 billion cost of the Skills Wallet.

The Northern Echo:

However, as the overwhelming issue of the day, Brexit is very much at the heart of the party’s promise to the region.

Mrs Curry and the Lib Dems believe that a Tory Brexit, with Boris Johnson at the helm, would be hugely damaging for not only the people of Darlington, but for the entire United Kingdom.

She said: “I am reaching out to everyone, but particularly to those of you who under normal circumstances would vote Conservative.

“If you feel uncomfortable at the idea of a hard Brexit under Boris Johnson, just remember this: we never lost control of our country – as was claimed by Dominic Cummings – but you have lost your Conservative Party.

“Please lend me your vote on December 12.”