A BURGLAR who struck at a residential address is believed to have escaped with a haul of up to £45,000 in value, a court heard.

Aaron David Child broke into the property in Spennymoor, during the week from September 20 to 28, this year.

Appearing at a plea hearing at Durham Crown Court he admitted a charge of burglary in which he stole jewellery and coins.

He also admitted a separate offence of handling stolen goods, in that he dishonestly received jewellery, watches and photographs, knowing they had been taken without permission.

Child’s counsel Jennifer Coxon said it was his first burglary conviction and asked for preparation of a pre-sentence background report on her client by the Probation Service.

But, Judge Jonathan Carroll told her: “If the value of the stolen items here is anything like £45,000, then he’s not coming out.

“It would only be a question of how long?”

Shaun Dryden, prosecuting, said the victim of the burglary was on holiday at the time and it only came to light on her return.

He added that the Crown is seeking confirmation of the exact valuation of the stolen property as well as trying to obtain a victim impact statement prior to the sentencing hearing.

Remanding 27-year-old Child, of Rosa Street, Spennymoor, to remain in custody, Judge Carroll adjourned the hearing, pending sentence on December 11.