A WOMAN who runs an animal rescue service is determined to see a very sick kitten through its first Christmas.

About seven weeks ago Evie was one of four kittens found in a puddle in Shildon by a member of the public who had witnessed their mother being run over and killed.

The individual picked them up before contacting Christine Kipling, who rescues animals and cares for them before searching for their forever homes.

Ms Kipling told the individual to take the litter of kittens to Wilson’s Vets at Bishop Auckland where they received emergency care.

The Northern Echo:

Evie the rescue kitten was found with her three siblings in Shildon after her mother was run over by a car and killed

Evie and her brother Raven were the only two to survive out of the litter of four, with both the unnamed brother and the sister named Havana dying shortly after the rescue because of what was thought to be respiratory issues or possibly lung or heart disease.

Ms Kipling said Evie was playful and lively for a short while, but suddenly her health deteriorated and Ms Kipling noticed the kitten lying in a corner breathing rapidly with a fast heart rate.

After visiting Wilson’s Vets Ms Kipling was told that because of Evie’s tiny size and fragile body there weren’t many tests that could be done to help her.

However, after finishing a course of antibiotics and continuing on pain relief medication and anti-inflammatories, things are looking up for the kitten.

Ms Kipling said: “Evie’s heart rate was at 300 when she was very ill but is currently just below 200 so it is getting better.

There are swellings on her elbows which are stiff - she does have movement in her legs, but she cannot stand or walk at the moment.”

The Northern Echo:

Christine Kipling with tiny rescue kitten Evie

Ms Kipling is a qualified behaviourist and aims to help animals who have been through severe trauma, even rescuing dogs from the Balkans who have experienced torture.

Many of her animals go on to have happy lives once they are rescued and rehomed.

Ms Kipling’s Facebook rescue page ‘Deliverance’ has more information on how to donate to the animals and includes updates on Evie’s story and her countdown to Christmas.

The Northern Echo:

Evie wearing a jumper made by a supporter

She said: “I launched the rescue on Facebook in 2016 because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the animals homes.

“We’ve got over 7,000 followers now, and the rehoming is consistent and successful at the minute.

“Previously I funded all of the vet bills out of my own salary, but it got to a point where vet fees were over 1000 pounds a month, so the fundraising has been brilliant for that.”