HOUSEHOLDERS on the campaign trail are now parroting back a certain three-word political slogan regarding the country’s future with European Union, according to international trade secretary Liz Truss.

Despite audible groans when it was repeated like a mantra during live television debates recently, ‘Get Brexit Done’ is what people are saying to her on the doorstep, she claims.

During a whistle-stop tour of marginal constituencies in the North-East on Tuesday she said it herself, in almost every answer she gave, during a wide-ranging interview with The Northern Echo.

But she denied people were just repeating the slogan they have heard the Prime Minister say ad nauseum.

Ms Truss said: “It is interesting how many doors I knock when people just say they want to get Brexit done.

“I think it is because they believe it and they want it to happen.

“Businesses want certainty about the future. They want to know what our plans are. Boris Johnson has set that out. We want a Canada-style free trade deal with the EU and to get trade deals with the rest of the world. We have got to get good trade deals for business.”

Ms Truss was visiting Equus Leather, a handmade leather goods company at Winston, near Barnard Castle, to support Tory parliamentary candidate Dehenna Davison who is contesting Labour’s Helen Goodman for the Bishop Auckland seat.

She also visited candidates in Darlington, Stockton and Sedgefield.

The visit came as Conservative Party grandee Michael Heseltine claimed that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal would seriously damage the economy and harm Great Britain’s standing in the world.

The former Deputy Prime Minster, who served under Margaret Thatcher, urged people to back the Liberal Democrats who have said they would revoke Article 50 if they won a majority.

Ms Truss said: “That is complete nonsense.

“The fact is the only way we are going to unleash investment to take this country forward is to get Brexit done.

“That is what I have heard on every doorstep in the North-East that I have been canvassing this morning.

“They absolutely get it. They understand we cannot carry on with this indecision and dithering and delay.”

Ms Truss, who campaigned for Remain during the 2016 referendum, said she was now pro-Brexit because she was a democrat.

She said it would be a betrayal of trust to not leave the European Union following ‘a fair campaign’.

Ms Truss said: “There won’t be a ‘no deal Brexit’ because Boris Johnson has secured a deal and every single Conservative candidate standing in this election backs that deal to get the deal done.

“We will leave on January 31and I am very confident that after that we will get a free trade deal.

“It is in our interest and it is in the EU’s interest to do that.

“We have had so much of this scaremongering and down talking over the last three years that, frankly, I think people are just fed up with it.”