A MAN who threatened to smash up his own home after hearing voices coming from his loft has been given six-months to clean his life up.

Jamie Buglass's mother called the police fearing that the 32-year-old was having a psychotic episode and that he might harm himself, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said when officers arrived at Tiverton Grove, Hartlepool, on August 13, they found the defendant in a distressed state and in an attempt to ease his anguish they took him up into the loft to show him that noone was hiding there.

He threatened to cause damage to the house using turpentine and a lighter – neither of which he had with him – and he was arrested as he tried to re-enter the property.

Buglass had pleaded guilty to making a threat to damage the house and also to resisting arrest.

Miss Atkinson said he had a similar previous offence when he threatened to burn down his girlfriend's home and drag her outside and set her alight.

In mitigation, Stephen Constantine, said his client had tried to access mental health services in May and June before having the 'psychotic episode' in August.

He said: "On that day his mother was so concerned about his health that she called the police. There is no criticism of the police on that day at all, the police dealt with him in a compassionate way and even took to the loft to ease his concerns."

Mr Constantine said the episode was caused by cocaine abuse but added his client has been free of illicit drugs since the incident.

Deputy Circuit Judge Jim Spencer QC deferred Buglass's sentence for six months to give the opportunity to prove that he had turned his life around and urged the defendant to get the mental health support he requires.

"I will defer the sentence for six months," he said. "If he is not prepared to do anything himself, the court will have to do something about it."

Buglass will appear in the same court on May 22 next year to be sentenced.