A CONVICTED killer, classed as one of the country’s most dangerous inmates, carried out two unprovoked bite attacks on prison officers at a top security jail.

Hugh Penrose attacked officers on a landing and in his cell at Frankland Prison, Durham, in September 2018, and in April this year.

Durham Crown Court heard the defendant, who is serving a life sentence for a samurai sword killing of a young woman in Consett, in 2006, has a minimum tariff of 19 years behind bars before he will be eligible to apply for parole.

But as he was about to be sentenced for the two prison assaults, via video link to court from Frankland, he began shouting and had to be restrained by officers.

He was taken back to his cell, due to his conduct, and missed the sentencing speech of Judge Jonathan Carroll, who imposed a four-and-a-half year prison sentence, to be added to the end of the sentence for the murder.

It means Penrose, 49, formerly of Blackhill, Consett, who admitted two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, can not be considered got parole before 2031.

Dr Chris Wood, prosecuting, said it was while under escort in Frankland that the first attack took place, as he grabbed an officer in a headlock and sank his teeth into his neck, also trying to bite his ear.

In the second incident Penrose began struggling with prison officers in his cell.

As others rushed to help, he grabbed one officer’s arm and sank his teeth into his hand.

Judge Jonathan Carroll began sentencing by telling Penrose: “You’re considered so dangerous that when you are moved around the prison you must be accompanied by four prison officers.”

But it was at this point that he began shouting abusively at the judge, flailing his arms, resulting in him being restrained by the four officers present and returned to his cell.

Judge Carroll then resumed sentencing, saying: “Both these prison officers were left in fear of blood-borne diseases following these attacks.”

The judge, who asked for a copy of his sentencing speech to be passed on to Penrose, said: “Your behaviour today during sentencing shows your temper is on a knife trigger and you have little or no control over it."

He added: “I have no doubt at all that you are extremely dangerous.”