A WOMAN found a nasty surprise in her supermarket grapes after finding what she believes could be a black widow spider.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she bought the grapes from Co-op in Leyburn last week, and it was only when she got home that she found the spider cocooned next to one of the grapes.

She said: "It was only after some prodding what I thought was a mouldy grape that I saw what I thought was a black widow spider hibernating inside the white cocoon."

The woman contacted the Co-op store to try and get hold of the manager however she was unable to.

She has since kept hold of the spider, who is currently still living in the grapes in a cool place in her house, waiting to be collected by someone with knowledge of what to do with them.

She added: "I'm still happy to shop at Co-op, and understand the grapes are imported from all over the world. I was only concerned with keeping the spider safe and uninjured."

A spokesperson for Co-op said: “The Co-op goes to great lengths to work with its farmers and growers to ensure the highest quality and standards. We are very sorry that this product fell short of those expectations on this occasion, and have contacted our supplier.”

The grapes were imported from Brazil and it yet to be confirmed whether in this case it is black widow spider.