A 26-YEAR-OLD pledging to help "deliver Brexit" has been named as the Conservative Party's parliamentary candidate for Redcar.

Jacob Young, who works as a Process Operator on Teesside, repeated Prime Minister Boris Johnson's claim to "Get Brexit done" as he launched his campaign against The Labour Party's Anna Turley ahead of the General Election next month.

The Northern Echo:

The Conservative candidate, who has lived on Teesside since birth and studied at Redcar and Cleveland College, TTE in South Bank and Teesside University, previously stood for Redcar MP in the 2015 General Election.

Announcing his intentions if elected as MP, Mr Young said: "I’m delighted to once again have the opportunity to fight for this area that I love.

"For the last three years, Redcar’s MP has blocked Brexit at every opportunity and this election is an opportunity to change that.

"I campaigned and voted for Brexit and now I want to help deliver it. This election is about unleashing Britain’s potential.

"We have so many fantastic opportunities in front of us, but the more we delay the harder it is for local businesses to plan. We need to get Brexit done.

“Once we’ve left the EU, the best way we can create new jobs in Redcar is by creating a Freeport on the former SSI site.

"The Prime Minister has already indicated we’re in the running for this. All we need now is a Brexit deal and a government with a clear majority.”

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In September, Anna Turley, who previously held the seat as Redcar MP, claimed the country was "watching in disbelief as Brexit gradually overwhelmed democracy, constituion, union and political parties".

Ms Turley, who beat Mr Young in the 2015 General Election, had previously claimed the "issue of Brexit" must be resolved before the current government call an election. 

At the time,she said: "A general election will not end this paralysis, and that is why so many of us voted against it this week.

"Theresa May learnt to her cost that a general election, can just make matters more confused as people vote on so many other issues.

"Only by dealing with Brexit itself can we end this national crisis."