THE Met Office has issued a yellow warning for rain in the North-East and North Yorkshire.

Up to 100mm of rain could fall in the region, causing disruption on the roads and risks of flooding.

The Met Office's Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: "With a weather front from the latest low-pressure system effectively stalling over the north of England there will be a period of heavy and sustained rainfall through Thursday in the north of England. With the possibility of up to 100mm of rain falling on already saturated ground there could be some significant disruption.

"A strengthening north-easterly wind will make it feel even more unpleasant. Take extra care if you are travelling and keep up to date with the Met Office forecast for the latest information."

The warnings cover both the morning and evening rush hours, with transport expected to be disrupted. RAC spokesperson Simon Williams said: "Drivers in the worst affected areas will need to exercise caution as visibility will be severely reduced while stopping distances are likely to be greatly increased. The best advice is to slow down and leave more space behind the car in front to give more time to react to anything that might happen. 

"If you encounter any floods be very conscious of not driving through water that is too deep as this could very easily lead to catastrophic damage. Try to assess the depth by looking at the kerb or road signs and, if you decide it’s safe to go through, drive at a steady speed so as not to create a bow wave, and try to use the highest part of the road. If there is any doubt, then it’s probably best to turn around and take another route."