A DISQUALIFIED driver has been jailed after crashing into another car whilst trying to get away from police.

Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court heard that Scott Stephen Wright was seen in his partner’s mother’s car by officers before reversing into an Insignia and making off from the scene.

The 33-year-old eventually stopped the car and ran away, before calling 999 and telling the operator he “needed to hand himself in”.

Geoff Taylor, prosecuting, said: “The vehicle belonged to his partner’s mother and whilst driving it he did collide with an Insignia and cause damage to both cars.

“The police observed the vehicle, it’s not a police chase as such, it’s one of those where he seems to be driving in the same direction as the police.

“He dives out of the vehicle and makes off. It was not the wisest move for him to make and he contacted the police and handed himself in, but then he then went on to make a no comment interview.

“There is an element of bad driving but the aggravating factor is his record.

“He has a significant history of using motor vehicles whilst disqualified. It would be fair to say if he did not use motor vehicles he would have very little on his record."

Wright, of Flamingo Close, Darlington, pleaded guilty to four charges, including driving whilst disqualified, driving a vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence. aggravated vehicle taking and driving without insurance on August 29.

Harry Burne, mitigating, said: “It was not the greatest thing. He has a lot of demons and there’s lots of things going on in his life.

"When it goes wrong he gets into a family member's car and on this occasion he sees a police car, reverses into an Insignia and drives away.

“He rings 999 and says 'I need to hand myself in and I'm sorry, I’ve done it again, I’m sorry for this it’s not right'."

A probation officer said in a report: "He [Wright] reports drinking around 16 cans of lager a night whilst his children are in bed.

"He last worked as a roofer two years ago which ceased when the work dried up, he has no qualifications and him and his partner are in receipt of working tax credits. His partner works and he says they have enough money to get by.

"His sister and brother in law committed suicide within a year of each other."

Mr Burne added: “All of these things get on top of him and when they do he gets in the car to get away from it all.

“He is doing quite well working with probation it’s just unfortunate that this has happened.”

Chair of the bench, William Unsworth, said: “We feel that this has crossed the custody threshold today because of the previous offences.”

Wright was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison and banned from driving for three years.

He must also pay £122 victim surcharge.